3 Things People Notice in Office Cleaning

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If you're a company facilities manager, how long has it been since you've updated the checklist for your janitorial service? If you're in a high-profile location like New York City and it's been a while, consider doing it today. The better office cleaning services in NYC understand the priorities, and if your current contractor is falling short, it's an easy fix to find one that can help. You want every detail covered and to have cleaner offices than your competitors, but you also have a budget to manage. Perceptions are everything, and employee morale and your client's opinions when they visit are also essential factors.


The number one thing people notice is office reception areas because they make the first impression, which is always the strongest. Clean waiting rooms, reception desks and of course spotless floors are essential. Even more minor things like dusting and wiping things down to avoid fingerprints and other smudges make a space appear cleaner. It's easy for janitors to overlook these things, and if yours are, then make a change. Outsourcing your office cleaning makes sense because it's challenging to keep your in-house trained and outfitted. A top-level janitorial service can do the job better for less money.


Restrooms are the second most noticed area in office cleaning and places people talk about the most. When cleaned and maintained, employees and guests are comfortable and pleased. When the opposite happens, people talk about it because they are uncomfortable. Today's best janitors will clean restrooms from floor to ceiling and everything in between. It includes fixtures, dispensers, countertops, floors, partitions, and entry doors. They need to be fresh smelling and have no harsh odors from old-fashioned cleaning products that people find unpleasant. Get it right, and you'll improve impressions.


The third area people notice most in office cleaning is lunchrooms. Food waste smells and, worse yet, can attract pests. Keeping them spotless at all times is a priority, and office cleaning services need to do it well. Trash removal and cleaning trash cans is a priority and making sure tables and counters are wiped down thoroughly. You'll see employee morale improve when the lunchroom is sparkling clean. If your company runs employee satisfaction surveys, you'll hear about these three things more than any other factors. None of them are complicated or problematic, but they are crucial in driving perceptions.